The Kurs Orbital bench has been modernized

The Kurs Orbital bench, which was used to manufacture and benchmark the mutual measurement systems for spacecraft rendezvous system module testing, has been modernized.

Anechoic chamber type “ECHO-1” was designed to test equipment for space purposes. The inner surface is lined with radar absorbing material and is not inflammable TV-50.

The modernized Kurs Orbital test-bench manifests the following features:
- maximally approximates the generated signals to the real-world environment, appropriate in particular flight conditions, ensures the refinement of technical characteristics, and simulates the real-world flight conditions affecting the functioning of the equipment tested;
- ensures parameter checkout at the manufacturing stage and, if necessary, simulates possible contingency situations occurring during the flight;
- allows to carry out both ground experimental testing of equipment prototypes and equipment testing at the serial production stage.

Rendezvous system optical module bench testing.